Artes Group: history

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ARTES, since 1961

Artes Group International srl was set up through the acquisition of “Artes” trademark, an artisan brand which had been dealing with trade fair furnishing and fitting-out since 1961. The firm’s personnel gained great expertise and eventually acquired the company management, combining their business drive with their long-standing experience and skilled craftsmanship. Being a truly tight-knit team, they have driven the company to its leading position as a fit-out manufacturer both in Italy and Europe. Artes Group International’s core business is the development of temporary fit-outs.
We provide the design, development and implementation of trade fair stands, company conventions and fashion shows, events, shop window fit-outs as well as shop and mass retail display stands. Along with the above-mentioned products and services, we also supply furnishing and accessory design, development and implementation services for shops, offices, architects, contracting and private customers.
Moreover, we provide rental services for fitted platforms, outdoor structures, lighting fixtures, furnishings, audio and video equipment, sound and graphics. You will find Artes in all the major trade fairs both in Italy and Europe. It has long been a reliable partner to develop fit-out and staging services for fashion show and events.


Expertise, flexibility and team work are the assets that Artes Group draws upon. Our team jointly assesses, evaluates and schedules all the design projects entrusted to us, whether small or large-sized. We provide design, cost-evaluation and budgeting services.

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Our design projects, the selected materials, construction and assembly methods and logistics must meet our strict requirements and high quality standards, in full compliance with Artes Group process acceptance criteria, well before meeting our customers’ requirements. Our products are subject to strict process monitoring and testing, our acceptance criteria arise from our long-standing experience and continuous quality testing improvement. Artes Group believes that quality is embodied in the utmost care for customer satisfaction.

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