Artes Group: focus on quality

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We apply the most stringent scrutiny to our own work.

Our design projects, the selected materials, construction and assembly methods and logistics must meet our strict ethic requirements and high process and quality standards, in full compliance with Artes Group process acceptance criteria, well before meeting our customers’ requirements. Our products are subject to strict process monitoring and testing, our acceptance criteria arise from our long-standing experience and continuous quality testing improvement. Artes Group believes that quality is embodied in the utmost care for customer satisfaction.
Our company policy is implemented in the utmost care in selecting the materials to be used, our strict compliance with delivery schedules and the continuous customer update on work progress, support to logistics management, handling, customer service and paperwork processing. All the above-mentioned activities do not only aim at achieving the top quality in product manufacturing, but also at understanding and meeting our customers’ requirements, “reading between the lines” to catch their expectations and unexpressed wishes.
Artes Group intends to create perfect, unique and well-finished fit-out projects, and be a serious, experienced and competitive partner you can rely on.
Craftsmanship and technology go hand in hand, combined with our sensitiveness, talent and our aptitude at problem-solving, to offer a typical Made-in-Italy quality product and services which are much more than turnkey solutions.
quality design

Wood: a live material

Wood is a live material that changes and interacts with the environment, and continues existing even after the end of its biological life cycle. This is due to the fact that it contains water, whose quantity varies with the external thermal and hygrometric conditions, that is, with air temperature and relative humidity. The wood drying process and hygrothermal treatment - whether artificial or natural – is thus essential to facilitate and enable wood processing. Artes Group staff boast in-depth knowledge of the various finishing types, the ability to employ them for the most suitable destinations of use according to their characteristics, and especially the excellent craftsmanship required to process them. These assets make each piece unique; all the products coming from our joinery, even the simplest elements, are perfectly functional and suitable for their destination, as they are manufactured skilfully and with the utmost care, commitment and dedication.


Artes Group has always been closely co-operating with creative and design contractors, whether recommended or directly hired by our customers. Our skilled Design Department co-operates with architects and designers to enhance and extend the quality of the product supply range, both for new design projects made from scratch and the development of projects where the existing materials are reused and adapted. Our design skills, the deep knowledge of materials and construction requirements allow Artes Group designers to offer unique unprecedented solutions, suitable for the most diverse structural, exhibition and investment requirements of our customers. well as structural, construction and aesthetic solutions.


All Artes Group staff, from managers to employees, have always been dealing with design projects. Artes Group professionals can rely on their knowledge of the many issues of this scope of activities, their skills and aptitude to face and solve even the most complex issues, together with their modesty and willingness to improve their knowledge and are therefore real experts in their sector, so that the qualities and expertise of each merge in a single efficient team. Artes Group offers its customers its long-standing field experience, with a view to top-quality commendable solutions.


One of Artes Group’s priorities is attention to innovation, be it CAD design software or a special wood processing machine, a cutting-edge LED display or the latest paint, flooring or fabric samples. We think it is essential to be continuously updated on the latest trends, concepts and design materials in order to create unique innovative design projects.

A rational approach

We believe in careful planning, thorough resource assessment and monitoring by means of dedicated management software, daily material inspections and constant monitoring of the manufacturing methods applied to each processing step. In order to daily deal with complex projects, where unexpected issues are often encountered, Artes Group has embraced a rational management approach by avoiding useless waste of both human and material resources.

Safety standards

In compliance with the workplace health and safety regulations, both in our workshop and off site, Artes Group always guarantees the utmost attention in selecting the most suitable materials, equipment and tools. Our technical partners are also required to comply with the same strict standards and safety certifications, in order for all the contractors and relevant staff to always comply with tax, insurance and social security requirements.

Associations and certifications

Artes Group is a member of ASAL, a national association within Federlegno Arredo, as well as IFES, an international association. Besides being constantly updated on job contract, law and safety regulations and issues, these associations ensure their full support in solving the most diverse issues throughout Europe. Therefore, Artes Group is always provided with the mandatory certifications required by principals or the relevant authorities and entities. All the materials we use are fully compliant with the law and certified as required by the relevant regulations.


Delays for various reasons, adjustments and inconvenience may occur, which always require our strict constant monitoring of all the process steps and scheduling. Our timely daily monitoring of the work in progress and the ability to foresee all the possible scenarios allow Artes Group team to constantly control all process steps. Timely assessments and quick decision-making are our assets that enable us to promptly take the necessary measures and adopt remedies as required.