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Along with its customized design and implementation services, Artes Group provides rental services to supply customers with furnishings and accessories or structural elements, in order to meet special design or style requirements, whether in small or large quantities, for tight schedules or budget requirements. Artes Group stock includes a wide range of indoor and outdoor furnishings and accessories - tables and chairs, benches, armchairs and sofas – to meet any requirements, whether for simple budget items to upper-scale design furnishings. Artes Group ensures the perfect conditions of its rental items thanks to product cleaning, maintenance and replacement services, which are scheduled according to the actual conditions and wear of the rental items. Artes Group also supplies special structures – fitted platforms and floating floors – for rental and, as a site manager, co-operates with selected qualified partners for the supply of rented temporary frame structures for batten lights, any kind of spotlights, audio and video equipment, fully guaranteeing the service quality and reliability of its technical partners. Finally, Artes Group ensures full compliance with your budget requirements by co-operating with customers in order to save money, time and materials and achieve the utmost cost-effectiveness and competitiveness at all times. We at Artes Group apply the most stringent scrutiny to our own work, well before our customers do.

  • Tables and desks
  • Chairs
  • Stools
  • Armchairs
  • Benches