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A skilled and reliable business partner

Each fit-out is dealt with and managed with equal commitment and professional skills, regardless of the size. Artes Group offers all customers unique services and the utmost care. Artes Group deals with all the organizational and operational details of the fitting-out process, from design to engineering and state-of-the-art assembly works, administration and paperwork handling, licences, relationships with trade fair organizations, applications, authorizations, forms and regulations, restrictions and certifications, stock, logistics and transport as well as disassembly and waste disposal operations. Artes Group is a skilled and reliable partner for turnkey solutions. You can entrust us with all the operational aspects in order to focus on the business and communication strategies, thus exploiting your attendance at events and trade fairs. Finally, Artes Group ensures full compliance with your budget requirements by co-operating with customers in order to save money, time and materials and achieve the utmost cost-effectiveness and competitiveness at all times.

Small and large-sized fit-out services

Artes Group ensures the same effectiveness in all projects, whether large- or small-sized fit-outs: be it 16 or 1600, our approach won’t change. Artes Group ensures the utmost care and expertise. Drawing upon our long-standing experience, constant in-company teamwork and control of resources to streamline the workflow, Artes Group will deal with any projects, even the most complex and composite ones, with the same expertise and composure. Artes Group’s production potential allows us to produce large volumes of finished materials - including lacquered wood products, thanks to our painting chamber – in a short time, while constantly monitoring all aspects of the ongoing project:

  • relationships with the Fair Organizations, even for special requirements (such as early entrance to hang structural elements from the ceiling and the like)
  • managing turnkey solutions on behalf of our customers in case special utilities (such as high-capacity power connections, complex plumbing systems, phone and data lines) or logistics solutions (such as permits for the use of special machinery or vehicles) are required
  • efficient management of human resources (such as painters, blacksmiths, assembly engineers, electricians, lighting, audio and video engineers) as site manager.

Accessory services

Through our network of reliable, experienced business partners and contractors, Artes Group offers a full range of products and services which enhance any fit-out projects with their added value. As a site and contract manager, Artes Group ensures the smooth streamlined development of any projects. We supply our customers with:

  • professional-level light fixtures and lighting design solutions (ordinary lighting as well as entertainment and theatrical lighting).
  • Graphics (support, writings and logos).
  • Prints (small- and large-format on various supports).
  • Embossed graphic elements with various materials (polystyrene, lacquered wood and so on).
  • Audio and Video services (stand-alone LCD/LED screens, LCD/LED videowalls, interactive projection systems, touch-screen displays, audio systems and so on).

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Though Artes Group’s long-standing experience is connected to woodworking, applied to a wide range of finish options and unique solutions envisaged by the creative talent of our designers, many fit-out services require different cutting-edge solutions. By regularly co-operating with innovative companies and drawing upon a tight network of selected certified suppliers, we can meet the most diverse communication and exhibition requirements with our solutions by using any kind of material, from metal and glass to fabric, plastic, Plexiglas and composite materials.


Artes Group Design and Product Development Dept. can provide new solutions from scratch (concepts, construction drawings and diagrams, rendering and so on) but also develop our customers’ ideas or, if necessary, support their creative partners in the technical and operational development of their design project. You can rely on our long-standing successful experience in project development support and co-operation with major Italian and international architects and designers.

Logistics and paperwork processing

Artes Group Logistics Department provides timely, efficient handling services for the manufactured or rented fit-out elements and components, besides offering support to manage our customers’ materials, handle paperwork and manage relationships with trade fair organizations, retail outlets and local authority offices.