Artes Group: team

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EExpertise, flexibility and team work are the assets that Artes Group draws upon. Our team jointly assesses, evaluates and schedules all the design projects entrusted to us, whether small or large-sized. Design, budget and cost evaluation, sales management, customer services, product development and implementation are continuously compared, analyzed and shared among Artes Group experts, jointly operating as a single unit for the utmost customer satisfaction. Our skilled professionals rely on their long-standing experience and expertise to deliver a well-planned, state-of-the-art, flawless and perfect product.

Marketing & Sales Dept.


Drawing upon their long-standing operational experience and technical expertise, our sales staff provides customer assistance throughout the supply service by starting with the initial contact, managing enquiries and assessing preliminary details, monitoring the budget and sharing the cost evaluation process with the full team in order to supply our customers with detailed, competitive and clear-cut quotations.

Design Dept.


Both for new design projects made from scratch and the development of third-party projects, Artes Group staff will go all the way in order to contribute their ideas and exploit the existing resources and materials to their best, with a view to the utmost cost-effectiveness without neglecting the research and use of new materials and finish, as well as structural, construction and aesthetic solutions.

Technical Dept.

Product Development

While constantly co-operating with customers, our Product Development Department assesses project feasibility and processes construction drawings and diagrams in close contact with the Production Dept through planning meetings and by thoroughly checking all details, besides dealing with sample research and development as well as the production of the required graphics.

Production Dept.


Artes Group is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery but our skilled carpenters pour their craftsmanship into the woodwork and their expertise in shaping this pliable, live material into perfect, unique creations.

Procurement, Logistics, Accounting Depts.

Accounting Depts

Constantly co-operating with the other departments, the Procurement Dept. Orders the required materials and manages and co-ordinates suppliers and the various technical partners with a view to the utmost cost-effectiveness and prudent saving, while fully complying with the scheduling requirements agreed upon. This department organizes transport, deliveries and assignments, selects and manages assembly contractors, if any, and technical partners entrusted with lighting, audio and video assignments, besides dealing with all the paperwork handling, such as forms, applications, permits and licences and certifications. Accounting department timely and painstakingly deals with all the economic activities of the company, managing and supporting all the departments with benchmark solutions, besides assigning them the available financial resources.